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Located in San Juan Capistrano with extensive displays and inventory, Beach Builders Supply gives contractors, architects and homeowners an excellent atmosphere to compare a wide array of the latest styles and technologies in doors, windows, hardware, skylights, and installation tools and supplies.  Professional and knowledgeable staff makes Beach Builders Supply the right place for quality products and expert advice at competitive pricing with over 50 years combined experience in building materials and construction sales.

We have an extensive list of world class building materials from some of the best names in the business. Because when it comes to making a house your home, you deserve only be the best!

We are local to Southern Orange County so feel free to drop on by. Come meet our team, check out our stock or just come pet our mascot Buddy the pug. We are here Monday through Saturday!

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We mean it when we say we are the Builder's Buddy, and we have a mini mascot to remind us how to be a great buddy everyday. Buddy is our friendly and talkative little black pug. With his big brown eyes and squashed nose, he kind of resembles the Monopoly man which is an apt comparison because our little pug happens to be a shrewd business man. 

Buddy scurries his curly-tailed butt around our office sniffing out deals. He knows just what to say and, if we talk back, this pug turns pugnacious and fights to provide a good deal for the customer.

Buddy helps you by sniffing out deals while we give you hand in the world of building and construction supplies because, hey, that's what buddies do! So when you are blown away with our warm customer service, our sharp eye and our fantastic selection, you have a little black pug to thank.

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